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J.H. Willis & Son

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Agricultural Waste Disposal Tractor

Our work

We operate 6 x 4 wheel drive tractors and tankers together with slurry pumps and an umbilical system, applying in excess of 50,000 tones of sludge of land annually. Over this period of time we have built up a good working relationship with our customers.

Waste Management

Adapting to the times

As more strict guidelines came into force from the Environment Agency, and to deal with the expanding business, it was necessary and essential to apply for a Waste Management License. We are monitored very carefully by the Environment Agency, Cheshire County Council and Environmental Health, who have all visited our site and discussed our operation in depth.

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Waste Management License: No. 61798

In 1996 we received the license (the only one of its kind in this area) which enables us to discharge and store wastes in our bio treatment storage lagoons and then apply the wastes to land at a later date in relation to the crop rotation. This fits in very well with our farming practice with the benefit of increased fertility.

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