Eco Friendly Waste Management Solutions for Industry

By December 20, 2018Blog

Industrial waste needs to be processed – something that has not changed since the Industrial Revolution – yet the way this waste is managed has undergone a transformation in the past few decades. Landfills are no longer an acceptable option for commercial waste disposal and we specialise in the collection of non-hazardous liquid waste for industrial and agricultural clients across the UK. We are licensed and accredited waste management company that possesses an Environment Agency Waste Permit to handle non-hazardous waste.

Waste Storage

In order to manage industrial waste effectively, it often needs to be stored and at J H Willis & Son, we have a license to store waste and our state of the art waste facility includes storage lagoons, where waste is broken down before being applied to agricultural land in line with crop rotation. We always put the environment at the top of our priority list and are constantly striving to improve our already impressive waste storage and disposal process. Our processing plant has grown with our business and our facilities at Holme Farm and Wood Farm consist of over 1,000 acres, with more than 3,000 cattle and other livestock and the waste storage lagoons are designed to safely store liquid waste, while breaking it down into usable elements that provide essential nourishment for crops.

Septic Tank Pumping

This makes up a large portion of our business, with many domestic and commercial customers who regularly use our services. Our vehicles have a 26,000 litre capacity, which is more than ample for most situations and for commercial customers who generate high volumes of liquid waste, we offer a tailored collection service that is fully compliant with local authority guidelines. Due to the size of our vehicles, we accept customers from all parts of the UK and our customers have peace of mind, knowing that the waste is treated in an eco-friendly way and actually promotes crop growth.

High Volumes of Waste

We are fully equipped to handle high volumes of industrial waste and our large fleet of HGV vehicles include tankers with a capacity of 26,000 litres that are licensed to transport non-hazardous waste. Having a very efficient waste management facility enables us to collect and store high volumes of waste, which, over a period of time, is broken down and used as fertiliser for the local agricultural community.

Working to Minimise the Impact on the Environment

We are proud to be in collaboration with the Environment Agency and Cheshire County Council to help reduce the impact that industrial waste has on the environment. With more than 50 years in the waste management industry, we are the people to talk to regarding the removal of non-hazardous industrial waste and the waste is broken down and used to fertilise the local farmland.

Domestic waste Management

Many of our customers have septic tank systems at home and we are always happy to offer a competitive quote for any septic tank waste removal. Should you require our services, call 0151 356 0351 or leave a message on our website and we will get back to you shortly.