Signs it’s time to empty your septic tank

By February 5, 2019Blog

If you own a septic tank, you’ll understand just how important it is to keep it well maintained and emptied regularly. An overflowing tank can cause a number of issues, from causing a variety of health problems to affecting the local environment, so it’s important to ensure that you act quickly if you think your septic tank may be leaking.

Here are just three signs that your septic tank is overflowing and is in need of being pumped:


Unpleasant odours

If you’ve noticed an unpleasant smell in your back garden, it could be a sign that your septic tank is ready to be emptied. Septic tanks are designed to collect waste from your toilets and sinks and are therefore naturally very odorous, however, this should be contained for the sake of you and your neighbours. If you’ve noticed a funny smell in your back garden or have started receiving complaints from people in the local area, it may be time to have your tank emptied.


Puddles of water

An overflowing septic tank is likely to leak, which could, in turn, cause your lawn to flood. As the tank fills, excess water will be forced out into your garden and will collect in puddles – a sure sign that your tank has exceeded full capacity. If you’ve experienced a lot of rain in the last few days, large pools of water could just be a sign that your grass is too waterlogged to absorb any more. However, if there hasn’t been a rain cloud in sight for days, you may need to have your tank pumped.


Poorly functioning drains

Toilets, sinks and bathtubs that aren’t flushing or draining as quickly as usual could indicate that it’s time to have your septic tank pumped. This may not seem like an urgent matter, but it’s important to act quickly to prevent a full sewage back-up from happening in your home. Not only would this be extremely unpleasant, but large amounts of hazardous waste finding their way back into your property could be very unhealthy.


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