Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Company to Clean a Septic Tank

By October 25, 2018Blog

Septic tank cleaning can be a little messy. And it is not really something you can do yourself. If you are thinking about hiring a company that is specialised in cleaning septic tanks, there are several questions to ask them prior to hiring them to get the job done.

Does the service package include finding its location (if you don’t know where it is) and opening the lid of the tank?


There are old septic tanks that come with dual tank lids. Meaning, digging out the area to take off the lid of the tank to clean it. Asking the simple question of whether or not the package includes opening the tank lid will make things so much easier.


How long are the hoses in the truck?


Although this might seem like an unimportant question to ask the professionals, considering where the tanks are buried in comparison to how easy it is to access the tank by the vehicle, it is necessary to know the length of the hoses of the truck. Make sure that your lawn and other landscaping do not face any potential damage by the hoses running through them and if the company will protect against this.


Does the company charge for dumping?


One of the most important parts of the procedure is dumping the sludge after cleaning the septic tank. Certain companies on the market may charge the customers an additional fee for the transportation of the sludge all the way to the dumping site. In certain cases, the fee might also include the mileage as well as the fee that the septic tank cleaning professionals charge for dumping the sludge at the designated area.


Does the company inspect for damages in the walls of the tanks and is it included in the procedure?


The septic tank maintenance procedure should include regular checking of the cracks in the tank walls, leaks or even infestations in the roof of the septic tank. While this should be a part of the procedure, do not assume that it is necessarily included in the procedure. It is always wise to keep a record of not only the date where the cleaning was taken place but also any other repairs and maintenance activities that were done to septic tank and even near it.


Is the company committed to scheduling the next tank cleaning appointment?


The usual maintenance procedures of a septic tank dictates if the scum of the septic tank is within 10 to 12 inches of the outlet of the thank, it should be cleaned immediately. You might not be able to get the actual date of the next tank cleaning session, since it depends on the frequency of usage. However, you can speak to the professionals about the matter and get their opinion on when the next cleaning might be due.


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